Libya Politics & Security

since 03/2004

Our sister company, Menas Associates produces five weekly Politics & Security reports covering the latest news, political developments, socio-economic changes and security issues affecting Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Libya and Nigeria. The reports also assess the long-term stability of the business environment and determine the potential risks and opportunities that might affect foreign investors and IOCs operating in each country.

Much like our Focus reports, our Politics & Security reports are written and edited by experts with years of working knowledge and in-country experience in their respective regions. The reports provide an authoritative account of the latest news making headlines within each country and offer analysis and cutting-edge insight to help foreign investors make well-informed business decisions.

The weekly Politics & Security reports are available on a rolling monthly subscription, which means subscribers are not obligated to a fixed long-term commitment. Politics & Security reports can also be produced on many other countries of pertinent interest to clients.

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