Human Capital, Talent & Leadership Development

Each market, its environment and its talent is unique. The MENA region has not only the world’s fastest growing population but also one of the youngest. As companies try to deal with global talent shortages, the MENA region offers talent, but one needs to translate how to manage, develop and retain it.

The meaning of HR is different not only across countries in the EU, but also in emerging markets, where the meaning of “competence” can translate directly to “loyalty” and “relationships”. Therefore, we provide individual solutions to assist international companies and expatriates in gaining a better understanding of intercultural awareness and communication in the markets in which they operate. They learn to manage and lead culturally diverse teams, to identify, attract and retain key talents in new markets, and to understand intercultural dimensions of networks and levels of competence.

Services include:

Human Capital Consulting

  • Examination of employment and labour laws in MENA region
  • Detailed information on country talent pool, manpower and demographic structure
  • Talent acquisition, management and development
  • Employee engagement analysis
  • General and bespoke compensation surveys and data in MENA region
  • Design and delivery of learning and development strategies and programmes


  • Search, assessment and selection of talent solutions for each market and industry
  • Executive Search for Middle East markets
  • Use of coaching and 360 feedback in development projects
  • Talent needs assessment; local, international or expatriate
  • Design and delivery of assessment and development centres

Management and Leadership Development

  • Developing Leaders for Global Challenges
  • Managing Change, Risk and Uncertainty
  • Trust and Team Engagement
  • Developing Global Team Competence
  • Mentoring, coaching and developing others

Intercultural Competence

  • Intercultural competence in multicultural teams
  • Country specific intercultural awareness, Iran and MENA region
  • Expatriate selection


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