Building Cooperation in Iran & With Iranians

As more international companies look towards Iran for partnership and investment, understanding the Iranian culture, people, communication style, management and negotiation becomes more important. Atieh International offers exclusive services for international business people and expatriates on how to work effectively in Iran. Some of our programmes (workshops, training and coaching) include:

General Iran Awareness:

  • Basics: country, history, geography, culture, social, gender, Islam, economic, political, demographic trends, holidays, rituals and traditions, expats

Working with Iranians:

  • General: communication styles, cultural orientation, critical incidents
  • Managing staff and employees: management style, giving feedback, managing performance, motivating and developing staff
  • Leading an Iranian subsidiary: management and leadership styles, problem solving, conflict resolution, planning and delivering, dealing with ambiguity
  • Developing relationships with customers: negotiation style, understanding the private/ public sector mindsets and how to build relationships with each, managing meetings, deliverables, following up and outcomes

Intercultural Team Building/Communication:

  • Working with bi- or multi-cultural groups: communication styles, cultural orientation, management style, expectations, managing performance, giving feedback


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