Developing business opportunities in emerging and risky markets

Our focus is to provide our clients with essential strategic intelligence for key business decisions in emerging markets. The firm consists of three distinct divisions working on macro and micro levels: Strategy and Risk Management, Human Resources Solutions and Building Intercultural Competence.

E library

Publications and reports which have supported our clients’ business operations in different markets and countries.

Our e-Library includes information, table of contents, and/ or a sample report on our publications.

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Meet us at conferences

  • Re-Engaging Iran (Client Meeting of Bär & Karrer AG)

    Zurich, Switzerland / 20 May 2014 / Speaking

  • 10th Europe Upstream Roundtable

    London, United Kingdom / 4 June 2014 / Speaking

  • 14th Annual Conference in Risk Series: Strategic Risk Management

    Berlin, GERMANY / 2-4 April 2014 / Speaking

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In the Press

2 Paragraphs

Can Iran Cooperate–Even If It Chooses To? [...] Like any other pluralistic political system, Iran [...]

The Economist – Pomegranate the Middle East

What to read on Iran – As Iran’s new president, Hassan Rohani, heads to New [...]

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