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Strategic Reports

Over the years, we have produced valuable and resourceful publications and reports, which have supported our clients' business operations in different markets and countries. Our e-library brings all these publications together.

In many cases, we also have tailor-made reports on different industries. Should you require information on a particular industry or country not listed here, please contact us. We will be happy to help and put information together in the form of a report or client briefing.

Core Team

Bijan Khajehpour
Bijan Khajehpour, DBA

Managing and Founding Partner
Strategist, Analyst, Entrepreneur

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Middle Eastern Economic and Political Analyst
  • Negotiator and Mediator of International Partnerships and Ventures
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Management


Bijan has been instrumental in advising companies on entering markets in the Middle East. He has a strategic outlook in his consulting work and provides a macro environmental view to investing in new markets, understanding PESTLE structures, and social and investment challenges. He has also been involved in mediation and negotiations of international business and investment partnerships. Bijan regularly comments on political and economic developments of Iran, especially at international conferences and media.


Bijan co-founded the Atieh Group in 1994 and has been involved in establishing successful companies in Iran, including Atieh Dadeh Pardaz, Doran Energy, and Neka Telecom. Among his publications are contributions in the books The Caspian Region at a Crossroad, Security in the Persian Gulf, and Iran at Crossroads. He is also an editorial board member of the Farsi Review Goftogu.

– Graduate studies in Management and Economy, Germany and the UK & DBA, International School of Management, Paris
– fluent in Farsi, German, English and Azeri

Pari Namazie, Atieh International, Iran business
Pari Namazie, PhD

Managing and Founding Partner
HR Consultant, Leadership, Management & Intercultural Trainer

Areas of expertise:

  • Human Resource Consultant
  • Leadership and Management Skills Trainer
  • Global Team Development
  • Building Intercultural Competence
  • Middle East and Islamic Country Knowledge
  • Design and Delivery of Learning and Development Solutions


With over 18 years of experience, Pari’s expertise is working in emerging and risky markets to set up, implement and deliver HR processes. She is involved in talent management and development, performance management, compensation and benefits consulting, designing HR strategies and learning and development. One of her main strengths is to help companies better understand working and living in the Middle East and Islamic countries.


Pari has founded and co-founded 4 consultancies: Atieh Bahar Consulting, Atieh Roshan Consulting,and Atieh Borna, and Atieh International. She contributes to academic journals and is a regular speaker at international conferences on HRM and intercultural competence.

– PhD International Human Resources Management, Middlesex Business School, London
– Fluent in English and Persian, speaks basic German
– lives in Vienna with her husband and 2 children

Afsaneh Gächter
Afsaneh Gächter, PhD

Manager, Educational Consulting
Anthropologist, Sociologist, Intercultural and Diversity Trainer & Coach

Areas of expertise:

  • Consulting and negotiation of intercultural cooperation in education, science and know how transfer between Iran, Austria
  • Social and educational research expert
  • Training and coaching in intercultural competence
  • Country-specific knowledge: Middle East, Iran, Austria and Germany


Afsaneh is a researcher with over fifteen years of experience. She actively works with universities, ministries of science and educational institutions in both countries to build bridges for intercultural cooperation. She has organised and executed successful scientific delegations to Iran and has designed workshops, seminars, and exchange programmes for educational institutions and organisations in Austria and Iran.


Afsaneh is a regular speaker at international conferences on Iranian Studies, Oriental Studies and Iranian Modern History, and a regular guest lecturer at universities in Germany, Austria and Iran. She has worked as a scientific researcher at the Austrian Academy of Scienec. Her latest book Briefe aus Persien – Jacob E. Polaks medizinische Berichte is published by NAP

– PhD Sociology, MA Anthropology, University of Vienna
– Certified Intercultural competence coach & diversity manager
– based in Vienna, speaks Persian, German, and English

Nima Noghrehkar, Iran consulting
Nima Noghrehkar, MSc

Senior Consultant
Business Development Consultant, Finance Analyst

Areas of expertise:

  • Business Development Consultancy
  • Financial Valuation
  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management


Nima has a strong international background of experience in Europe and Asia with a key focus on business development and strategy. His global market awareness combined with his expertise in finance and his attitude towards precision provide a skillful foundation in his consulting work. Nima’s main strength lies in researching the market for attractive investment opportunities and maximizing returns through intelligent buying, risk management, and cash flow operations and investments.


Nima started his career at a young age representing the Iran Chamber of Commerce (ICCIMA) in the South East Asia region. Prior to his consulting work, he completed a collective project management experience of more than five years. This experience gave him an in-depth understanding and knowledge of key sectors in Iran.

– BBA (hons.), Kuala Lumpur, MSc Finance (1st), Webster University Vienna
– based in Vienna, fluent in English and Persian


Michel de Tymowski
Michel de Tymowski, MBA

International Reward Expert, HR Consultant

Areas of expertise:

  • Creator of Netcomp, Founder of Tymwork
  • Customised Compensations, Benefits & Evaluation Systems
  • Sales and Executive Management Compensation
  • International Executive Salary Surveys
  • Reward Consulting for Major Mergers and Acquisitions


Whether working with small sized businesses or large organisations, Michel understands the needs of each business and is able to provide fair, equitable reward solutions to each client. Michel’s focus has been on major organisations in high tech, medical/ pharma, and FMCG sectors within Europe, the US and the Middle East. He provides technical expertise on HRIS programs, expatriate policies, position evaluation and competency assessment projects.


Michel has been active in major mergers including Reynolds Tobacco to Japan Tobacco, Digital Equipment to Compaq, and Compaq to HP. He supported databases such as PeopleSoft or OMEGA sales crediting systems and successfully developed customized databases at Mercer, Digital, Compaq, and HP. He also teaches compensation strategies at Webster University (Geneva).

– MBA International Marketing, Pace University, BSc Marketing/Management & Economics, Long Island University
– based in Geneva, fluent in English and French

Muna Alyusuf, Atieh International, consultant
Muna Alyusuf, MBA, MA

Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Consultant

Areas of expertise:

  • Cross-cultural Training and Coaching
  • Global Awareness Training
  • International Teams
  • Cross-cultural Virtual Training
  • Country-specific Knowledge of USA, UK, UAE, KSA, Bahrain


Muna delivers a wide range of programmes, including adult and youth cross cultural training, adult and youth repatriation training; candidate assessment; business briefings and global awareness programmes. Muna also is a qualified Organisational Relationship System Coach and Co-Active Coach as well as a Myers-Briggs certified practitioner.


For over eight years, Muna was an EMEA Intercultural Training Manager for CARTUS Intercultural & Language Solutions. In London, she managed a multinational team of intercultural training consultants throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Muna has done social work, counselling and management in Saudi Arabia, UAE, the US and the UK. She developed an Intercultural Orientation programme to the faculty of Dubai Women’s College on understanding and working effectively with Arab and Muslim cultures.

– MBA, University of Northern London, MA Sociology, California State University
– fluent in both Arabic and English

David Sharpley, MSc

Chartered Psychologist, Assessment & Talent Management Expert

Areas of expertise:

  • Founder of PARIO Innovations
  • Global Leadership Development
  • Leadership, Motivation and Performance Management
  • 360 degree Feedback and Competency Assessment
  • Talent Management


David has over twenty years experience working with large corporate, public sector and non-profit organisations. He is an acknowledged expert in the areas of Leadership, Motivation and Performance Management. This is coupled with wide ranging experience of 360 design, implementation and feedback, including delivery of group-based reports. He is the author of the Pario Professional Questionnaire, Pario Role Profiling system and the Pario online High Performance Leadership Development course.


David has run numerous training courses, such as Master-Class workshops on Competency Profiling & Assessment in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and leadership workshops in Ghana and Australia. He was a visiting lecturer at Warwick University and a speaker at international conferences on talent management and occupational psychology. He has extensive experience using personality questionnaires, including the 16PF®, OPQ®, MBTI® and Pario Profiling.

– MSc Organizational Psychology, Manchester
– qualified test user accredited to the BPS ‘full Level B’ standards


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