Developing business opportunities in emerging and risky markets

Our focus is to provide our clients with essential strategic intelligence for key business decisions in emerging markets. The firm consists of three distinct divisions working on macro and micro levels: Strategy and Risk Management, Human Resources Solutions and Building Intercultural Competence.

E library

Publications and reports which have supported our clients’ business operations in different markets and countries.

Our e-Library includes information, table of contents, and/ or a sample report on our publications.

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Meet us at conferences

  • SIETAR Austria Culture Talk: “Cracks in the Glass Ceiling: A closer look at Women, Islam and Middle East”

    Vienna, AUSTRIA / 01 July 2015 / Speaking

  • Authority and Leadership 2015 – The 51st Annual A.K. Rice Residential Group Relations Conference

    Dover, MA (USA) / 16 - 21 June 2015 / Attending

  • Seminar: Iran at a Crossroads: Assessing the Changing Geopolitical and Energy Landscape

    Oslo, Norway / 09 June 2015 / Speaking

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In the Press

What will happen once Iran’s assets are unfrozen?

One of the issues currently debated among Iranian decision-makers and economists is how the country […]

Bloomberg “Pay Your Taxes: Iran’s Rouhani Confronts Powerful Corporations”

[...] Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s bid to raise tax revenue to counter the slump in oil […]

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